Silent disco Equipment Hire

Silent discos are great fun and we always get superb feedback about our equipment. We using high quality headsets that have inbuilt flashing LEDs which change colour depending upon which channel you are tuned into. The sound quality is great and they have a range of about 75 meters.

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Silent discos are a great solution to many problems experienced at parties as you can carry on partying into the early hours in relative silence avoiding complaints about noise. It also means that people who don't want to dance can still talk to each other so they are ideal for parties where guests may wish to have also have a good chat.

Most people who have used never used silent disco headsets before take a couple of minutes to get use to the idea but they soon find it strangely absorbing and most people love it.

Party who are thinking of hiring this equipment often have questions so we have developed a FAQ section below:

Questions - Can you have different channels playing at the same time?

Answer: Yes, the kit comes with a dual transmitter so you can plug in two sound sources. For example you can two Ipods plugged in playing different music styles. Just press the power button on the headsets and it will scan to the next channel. The lights on the headset change colour so you can easily see what channel someone is listening to. The lights also flash in time with the music.

Question - How long do they last?

Answer - It depends a bit on how loud you are playing the music, but they tend to last between 4 and 6 hours.

Question - How do you charge then?

Answer - They should arrive fully charged. We have a special charger that will charge about 20 at any time which will be sent with the kit. They take about 2 hours to charge from flat to full. Easy!

Q - We live a long away from Wiltshire - Can you send them to us?

Answer - Yes but we do need some notice to get things organised. We will require a deposit which we refund when the kits comes back safely. The deposit that we charge for this service is larger than when you come and pick up the equipment yourselves.

Q - What happens if we loose some headsets?

Answer - Well, the reception range on these headphones is about 100 meters, so people do occasionally wonder off and then leave the headphones in fields, bedrooms etc. We advise organiser to keep an eye on where the headphones go - We charge £25.00 for any lost headphones - This is about how much it costs us to replace them.

Any other questions? Just go to the 'Contact' page and we are happy to advise you.

Prices From - The headphones can be hired individually with prices set as follows:

Less than 30 headsets = £2.99 per headset

30 Headphones with transmitters = £79

50 Headsets with transmitters = £120.

100 Headsets with transmitters = £210.

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